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This piece continues our Chesapeake Collection and taken it to a whole new level! Yay for outdoor lounging! I need to get myself a bigger backyard so I can build myself a spring style outdoor room. The fabulous property about this chaise lounge is that it is so beautiful, you can use it without a cushion if you prefer. I did erect it according to the Potterybarn dimensions so that their bolster and other standard lounge cushions will fit and work well. If you prefer a chaise lounge that is doubly the size, try our Free DIY Furniture Plans to Build a Chesapeake Double Lounger

Chaise lounges, sometimes called "fainting chairs," are interestingly shaped cubicle and running room furniture. They collectively have a length similar to a loveseat, but more resemble the shape of an overstuffed chair and ottoman. If you have a chaise that has skilled better days, you can breathe new energy into an old-fashioned piece of furniture liking a chaise pub by reupholstering the material to more coordinate with your preferred style of decor.

This feigned chaise lounge can easily turn one of the most beautiful portion in your home. Upholstered in well-behaved-to-reach purple material and softly-padded with polyurethane mantle, the chaise lounge has streamlined design, nail height trim, stylish button tufting, curved wood legs and capacious storage.

Comfortable and fashionable, this chaise lounge for indoors stands on espresso-finished wood tapered legs for stability. Upholstered in beige microfiber, the chaise lounge also includes a medium-firm seat cushion, a rolled back and a sloped side.

This excellent chaise couch can easily wax one of the most lovely pieces in your home. Upholstered in nice-to-touch mauve material and softly-padded with polyurethane heady, the chaise lounge has streamlined designate, brad head trim, stylish button tufting, curved rabid legs and large warehousing.Found by JennaDaviesful+116

Comfortable and fashionable, this chaise lounge for indoors stands on espresso-finished wood tapered bow for stability. Upholstered in beige microfiber, the chaise lounge also includes a medium-firm seat cushion, a rolled back and a sloping side.Found by HollyKelly+226

As you can see, building an outdoor chaise lounge is not as difficult and complicated as you might think. There are many distinct designs to choose from. The one depicted on ana-white was meant to be affordable and simple. It was made using wood boards, bolts, insane, washers, screws and glue. Cutting the boards and pre-drilling the holes is the first step. Then assemblage begins. When that part is complete as well, you can focus on the customization of the chaise lounge.

This proceeding by step diy woodworking project is about lounge cromwell chair plans. If you want to learn how to build a handsome chaise lounge chair, we recommend you to recompense attention to the instructions described in the subject and to check out the related projects. There are many storage projects featured on our site, so don’t be afraid to browse through the rest of the woodworking plans.

A while back I engage you that I would show you my DIY arrange down in the basement. I still need some more pillows for it, and I intend to sew some in the same fabric as the couch, but I think you will get the idea without the pillows as well… So here we go: My DIY chaise lounge sofa….

For a couple years now, I've been wanting to build a simple insane chaise lounge made of inexpensive wood and using a simple quarrel pivot for the back.  But with a Momplex looming over our jostle saying, get back to work on me!  Snow is going to fly before you have it!  This wasn't going to be the year of the inexpensive and super easy to require wood chaise couch.

Although we don’t assert to interpret it, a cat that has installed itself in a pasteboard box is a happy tortoise-shell. You can take advantage of this mystic truth to make a your own sincere furrowed cardboard gib bed like this one, designed as a kitty-sized chaise lounge. Since it’s just cardboard, it’s also easy to modify this basic design to suit your own (or your miauler’s) taste. There are already a bunch of high-end cardboard cat bed setups out there (example 1, examples 2-4), as well as other project and even chaise lounges. So why bother? We are again motivated by the fact that cats like cardboard boxes.

super cool project. i think the original name for this type of furniture is "chaise longue," and since cats are known to think of themselves as vastly superior to any other living species (or is the tail in the air thing simply a ruse?), i think that the original french extremity clothe the project better than the common vulgar term "chaise lounge." imho

Call it chaise rest, lounge chair or however else you like. Either way, you have to admit these things are very comfortable and whole for decks, terrace, poolside areas and for the outdoors in general. In increase, there’s really no emergency to vanish a division of money on one if you can make it yourself. Sure, it won’t look as fancy as some you find in stores but they can be just as functional and comfortable.

It's always a pleasant feeling to create something with your own hands. An example of such a DIY can be a white wooden frame, for storing chaise lounge drapery. It will serve as the basis for this furniture, which later will cover upholstery.

It's always a gratifying feeling to create something with your own hands. An example of such a DIY can be a happy wooden frame, for storage chaise lounge equipment. It will serve as the basis for this furniture, which later will cover upholstery.Found by CintiaBrook+5

So if you need an affordable sofa with chaise couch, you should try out this DIY. There are a share of nice furniture fabrics and legs out there to choose from, so the sky is your limit….

mad8kld May 16th, 2017 I have just stumbled across your cleverly intelligent DIY blog. So very gratified I have. This is late but, I have to say; You are my unspent submarine! That mattress was a cure and I extol you for taking that on. I think it’s fantastic that it was 2nd hand. If more people understood it is so much better environmentally and so much more going 2nd hand. Like you before-mentioned, if it looked like monsters could climb out, you act off. Lol. I, also, use essential anoint and sage to do a whole cleanse thing when I bring stuff like that in my home. I actually have a very small room, as well, that I’m trying to coming up with ideas and, WoW, this would be perfect. I sir’t cognize that I can pull it off with the same grace but, I’ll try. BTW, my name is MAD. I impart everyone I’m MAD because my hubby made me that way. Reply Miriam May 17th, 2017 I love it! I always took ‘Mad’ to be such a good thing;) So glad that you like the chaise lounge, if you try it, I’d love to see! Best of fate with it, it’s still one of my very favorite projects I’ve ever done! Reply

Inspired by a DIY conference, Amy of Her Tool Belt decided to decide her hand at custom outdoor seating. After shopping showy for budget cushions and building a bench second-hand altered plans from Ana White, Amy resolute to up the ante and fashion a tonish, customizable chaise from 2x4s. Keep reading to see how her project became the perfect complement to her out-of-door bench and small-space deck. MATERIALS & TOOLS – Self-tapping screws (such as Kregg or Deck brand) – Pocket screws – Wood glue – Sand paper Cut the ensuing lengths from 2×4’s: – 2 – 25 1/2″ – 2 – 25″ – 2 – 23 1/2″ – 1 – 22″ – 1 – 18″ – 2 – 12 1/2″ Cut the following lengths from 1×4’s (furring strips) – 4 – 25″ STEP 1 Join the two 12 1/2″ legs with the 18″ piece second-hand pocket holes,  2 1/2″ unmixed-tapping screws, and wood glue. STEP 2 Next, assemble the back run. With glue and 2 1/2″ pocket screws, join the 22″ piece to the two 25 1/2″ fact at 12 1/2″ from the bottom. Attach a 25″ piece to the top of the 25 1/2″ legs. STEP 3 Attach the two 23 1/2″ pieces between the front and back legs. Secure with glue and 2 1/2″ pocket screws. STEP 4 Attach the 1 x 4’s to the top of the seat. The picture shows five 1 x 4’s but four are excellent enough. I used furious glue and 2″ brad nails. If you need extra back support add a 25″ board to the top with 2 1/2″ screws. After all of the glue dries, lightly sand and seal with Thompson’s WaterSeal. If you want to shame your project, Thompson’s also has all-in-one waterproofing stain in an either an aerosol can or by the gallon.  Thanks, Amy! To explore more DIY building projects, visit Her Tool Belt.

Pull your make taut over to the underside of your chaise. Staple your fabric pieces directly to the underside of the wooden frame. If your chaise has any curved edges, walk your fabric over inch by inch as you staple it in place. If your fabric is dull, you may need to cut short vertical slits in the corner of the material to help it sit properly.